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The New Generation Vocalist .

There was a time when singers used to be good singers, but without any exposure to the wider world around them. Female vocalists were rare to find. Fortunately, for Indian Classical Music, that condition has changed. Today we come across a smarter generation of artistes; modern in appearance, broader in outlook, dedicated to art, culturally awake, socially aware and so on! One such female vocalist is Dr. Kasturi Paigude.

Talent is that intangible thing whose value can’t be determined. It is a deeply appreciated term in today’s world. None other than the Dr. Kasturi Paigude. Ph.D in music from Savitribai Phule Pune is the one whose fabulous voice is synonyms with the word “talent”. As if Goddess Saraswati has been blessing her from the heaven above. She does international stage programmes too. Her music is what keeps you going.

Dr. Kasturi is a disciple of the renowned vocalist Mrs. Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar. Under her watchful eyes and systematic training, Dr. Kasturi has matured with a well-seasoned melodious voice, aesthetic renditions of different Raag structures, a good command of musical embellishments like gamaks, taans, meends, etc.

She also holds a M.A. (Music) with first class from the Centre for Performing Arts, University of Pune, ‘Visharad’ in music with distinction, awarded by the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya and B.A. in English Literature, from the University of Pune.

Dr. Kasturi has two research papers on music published in internationally refereed journals. She received the Junior Fellowship for research in music from CCRT, Ministry of Culture (2014-2016) for two years. She was the recipient of merit scholarships for her higher studies, from reputed organizations.

She has recorded her voice for album ‘Mi Premika’ (an album of 8 marathi love songs). The songs are written and composed by Abhijit Kumbhar.

In 2018, Dr. Kasturi Paigude Rane launched another song “Aaye Badra”; a semi classical composition based on Raga Des Malhar; Produced by Swarachintan in association with Swatantra films. Visit the music gallery to listen to this exceptional composition

When people deeply connect with the music, they forget their worries for a short while. It is so pleasing to their senses. People like her for the magnificent personality that she is!